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There are many companies that require a lot of movement and, therefore, constantly moving from one place to another; so optimizing time becomes a fundamental task. To speed up the work, there is equipment that will help your operations to be more effective, making travel no longer an impediment to perform operations because you can take them with you.

These are the reasons why mobile receipt printers are becoming very useful and in demand. In addition to being agile and versatile, they are easy to carry in a pocket, motorcycle or van.

These devices offer both in-vehicle and point-of-sale printing solutions. The fact that they are small and compact does not make them less accurate and of low quality. These mobile receipt printers can have a very good quality, reaching up to 300 dpi resolution, thus allowing high fidelity labels or receipts. This way you can print receipts, labels, slips, etc; even from the palm of your hand.

What other features do mobile receipt printers have?

  • They provide immediate confirmation of transactions.
  • They use thermal technology, which means that they do not need any ink to issue tickets.
  • They can be connected to a terminal or Smartphone through a wireless bluetooth connection of up to 30 meters.
  • They have an IP 54 protection rating that makes them resistant to dust and water splashes.
  • They have an internal rechargeable battery, which guarantees their functions in any environment.

Thanks to their compact design, versatility and speed. A mobile receipt printer is a great option to keep up the quality of your customer service when you are away from your business, and speed up your operations when you are on the go.


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