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More than once you must have come across a cash register or an all in one POS system in a business. Although they seem to serve similar purposes, the truth is that there are many more differences and benefits that an all in one POS system can provide over a cash register. Regardless of the size of your business, you are always looking to make it more profitable and that is why in this post we are going to show you the most important differences and why a point of sale POS system will be the best investment for your business in the long run.

Cash register

This device has the function of making and saving the transactions made in the business. It provides a receipt to the customer and has a drawer to store the bills and coins received. It has a very limited range of functions and at this moment, due to Smart devices, it can be considered as a technology that is becoming obsolete.

All in one POS system

This is a tool that can control all transactions with customers, issue receipts, resolve returns, discounts and sales promotions. In the same way, depending on the software used, it registers the stock of our products in real time and can keep track of daily, weekly and monthly income and expenses.


There are many more advantages that an all in one POS system offers compared to cash registers:


  • It simplifies accounting, since you can organize the necessary data in lists or export it directly to other accounting programs used by your company.
  • You have control over your inventory, a feature that no cash register has.
  • All in one POS systems allow you to access information about your past sales, be it days or months, very easily, making it easier to make decisions for the future.
  • You can set minimum stock markers so that you are informed about the right times to restock so you don't lose any customers.
  • The customer receives receipts with useful and detailed information about their sale, since apart from the date, taxes and total value, they receive detailed information about every single item purchased.
  • You reduce human errors, since all transactions are controlled by software.
  • The all in one POS system allows us to have many point of sale equipment connected in a single device and between them, sharing data on stock and sales in real time.


In conclusion, with an all in one POS system you will not only be able to issue invoices and receipts, but you will also be able to control our company in an organized way, since it allows us to have more control in different areas of our business and at the same time improve the way in which we interact with our customers.


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