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If your business depends on the presence of customers in a physical location, the point of sale constitutes a good part of the CX Customer Experience, not even the best positioned business or the most popular franchise can survive an inadequate, inefficient or slow point of sale.

You can have all the know-how, with an innovative product and competitive price, however, this combination is not enough to make a business successful, from the time the business plan is made, you must consider having a good point of sale, with the right design, acquisition of equipment according to the specific characteristics of your business, installation and maintenance costs.

On the other hand, although online sales have positioned themselves as a relevant channel for many businesses, retail sales continue to be the largest sales channel due to the multiple advantages they represent for customers; there is no substitute for personalized attention.

What can make a difference for stores is to complement excellent customer service with technologies that optimize the customer experience. Technology contributes to provide a safe and comfortable experience, which is not only beneficial for customers, but also for employees, who will be happy to go to work using state-of-the-art technology to help them.

Some tips for choosing POS equipment

Before choosing the equipment to set up the POS system(s) for your business, it is important to understand that we are not just talking about processing sales and administrative tasks more efficiently, as a good POS system can help you increase sales, gain efficiency and save money.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

Identify the needs of your business: To configure the point of sale you must know your needs on the one hand and the characteristics or nature of the products you sell, the questions you should ask yourself are, how many POS equipment do I need to operate optimally, how will I configure the customer experience, all services will I handle them through the cash registers or will I separate some processes (returns, shipping logistics, complaints and claims, among others).

Regarding the customer, what are their needs, currently there are long lines, what is the reason? The process is slow, at this point it is important to remember that the customer, according to the type of business, has different expectations, it is not the same a dry cleaner than a coffee shop.

Compatibility: When you are in the phase of acquisition of POS equipment, it is essential to validate that they are compatible with other hardware, that is to say that we can integrate them without problem and its functionality is not altered, so we do not have to limit ourselves to a single brand or supplier.

When we refer to compatibility we also refer to the software, this is essential to have the flexibility to use our system with any equipment.

Technical support and warranty: it is important to have a supplier that will give you a backup in case of any eventuality, make sure of the conditions of the after sales service and the supplier's ability to provide quick response and solutions.

As for the warranty, it is a factor that you should review in detail, from the time covered by this warranty to exactly what the warranty includes, check before purchasing the equipment these aspects.

Functionality: According to your type of business, products, services, spaces or the disposition of your sellers, you can choose the equipment and accessories for the point of sale, you must evaluate that the interaction with the customer is quick and easy, and that in turn facilitates the sales process.

The most common accessories to configure the point of sale are: barcode scanners, all in one POS systems, touch screen, receipt printers, cash drawers. You should choose them according to their size, resistance, working conditions, work volume, budget, in addition to the variables we have already mentioned.

Request a Demo: Once you have evaluated several suppliers, you can request a live demonstration, if it meets your expectations, you can ask to do a test for a few days and thus make the best decision, if the sale is the heart of your business, a good POS system guarantees you part of the success, you must find the balance between quality and price.


If you need advice on these and other aspects related to POS equipment, write us, we will be glad to schedule a call, our goal is to support you. We want to be part of the success of your business.