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POS equipment for the point of sale plays a crucial role in the success of business operations, being this equipment one of the vital infrastructures that allow a quick and agile way the realization and registration of all sales that occur in commercial establishments.

In fact, if an unexpected failure occurs in this POS equipment, it can cause problems of slowness in business operations in the best case or the interruption of the same with greater probability, thus causing discomfort in customers and substantial economic losses for the business, hence the importance of always preventing these failures occur.

To do so, we must always consider the following:

  • Having the best POS equipment that best suits the needs of our business, making sure that the equipment has the quality and performance to respond with solvency to the demands of our operations.
  • Perform periodic maintenance of the equipment always following the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid excessive wear of the components that may prevent the correct operation of the equipment.
  • Train our collaborators on the correct use and operation of POS equipment for the point of sale, thus avoiding their premature deterioration caused by poor handling by our personnel.

Undoubtedly the durability of POS equipment for the point of sale will depend largely on the proper training of staff, although we often forget the importance of this fact.

The lower the level of training of our employees, the higher will be the operating costs of our business related to unforeseen expenses for maintenance and renewal of equipment prior to its useful life.

In order for this type of problems not to occur in our business, we must be concerned about offering a correct induction to our employees for the proper use and handling of all POS equipment present in our point of sale.

Some of the important points on which we must train our employees for a longer durability of the POS equipment of our point of sale are:

  • Training on the operation of the POS software used for the operation of the business.
  • Inform them of the importance of not leaving POS equipment on unnecessarily during business hours of inactivity, especially in the case of all-in-one POS systems and touch screens.
  • Provide them with training on how to correctly perform maintenance operations and change the printing rolls of thermal receipt printers, portable receipt printers and label printers.
  • Remind them not to force or extend the connection cable of barcode scanners beyond what is allowed.
  • Protect wireless barcode scanners from typical falls to the floor.
  • Inform them not to rest their body on the cash drawer tray of the cash drawers once opened.
  • Always use the POS equipment within the recommended environmental conditions of temperature, humidity and pollution.
  • Never hit the equipment or handle it with objects that could damage it.
  • Carry out maintenance operations within the recommended time limits.

Aware of the possibility that many of these circumstances may occur, it is always important to keep in mind before buying or renewing the POS equipment of your business, to have the support of a solid brand as in the case of POS-D, which in addition to having POS equipment for the point of sale with the best quality ratio in the market, offers you the possibility of receiving free technical and commercial advice so that you have the opportunity to solve all your doubts and advise you at the same time on which POS equipment is best suited to the needs of your business, even being able to request a demonstration of their products if necessary.

In addition to all this, POS-D has a network of qualified distributors in which you can trust to receive the advice and training necessary for the success of your operations, as well as a network of local technical support in your language that will allow you to quickly resolve any incident that may arise with their products, once the problem has been reported through its fault reporting platform.

POS-D offers a special free coverage thanks to the POS-D warranty, which offers its customers the benefit of an additional year of warranty against manufacturing defects by registering your products on its product registration platform, where you will also have the ability to check the status of the warranty of the same in a simple and intuitive way.

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