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We are in an era in which the shopping experience or Customer Experience is an increasingly relevant element, but although we are aware that the consumer has more and more power and is more demanding, the shopping experience in Retail is often forgotten by many businesses.

Improving the shopping experience to convert more sales is essential to achieve customer loyalty and become a benchmark in the sector.

But what is the Shopping Experience?

It refers to the emotions, feelings and stimulus that a customer feels when he/she is in a shopping situation, it impacts the customer much more when we refer to physical points of sale, but of course it also plays an important role in e-commerce.

The effect that this experience can generate influences the customer's future decisions, it can be that despite having a bad experience, the customer by necessity may complete the current purchase, but it is very likely that he will never return, it is a loss difficult to measure, but that negatively impacts future sales and clearly customer loyalty.

That said, the shopping experience is by no means a secondary element, but rather, it is vital to guarantee future sales.

We are in the era of Self-Service

With more and more options for the customer to directly manage their needs through the use of technology and equipment that provide information and service without supervision, interacting quickly, without the need to be attended by an advisor or employee, who may not have had a good day.

Let's remember that today's consumers demand customer-oriented solutions that are convenient and easy to use, without failures or interruptions, facilitating the sales and customer service processes, keeping the customer's needs at the center of the strategy to create the best experience.

The Price Checker

There are many reasons to incorporate a Price Checker to your store, from its main function which is to show the price of the items, as you have it defined in your software, to using it to show offers, special discounts or highlight the features and attributes of your products, in other words, it is a device with a high engagement factor that can help stores generate additional turnover.

This device combines speed with access to the information the customer needs, which we call efficiency, helping to facilitate the buying process, providing the customer with important data for decision making.

Advantages of a Price Checker in store

Improve customer service and the in-store experience with these devices, practical and very useful in supermarkets, DIY stores, electronics and general retail businesses, these are some of the most important advantages:

  • Increase customer interaction.
  • Encourage cross-selling or complementary sales.
  • Obtain information on several products in one place.
  • Uninterrupted service.
  • Give the customer the opportunity to enjoy self-service.
  • Check inventory.
  • Check gift card balances.
  • Request assistance.
  • Check loyalty program points.

If your Price Checker fails, sales can be affected, you need equipment that is designed for continuous use, robust but easy to install, that responds quickly and smoothly.

Pos-D offers you this excellent alternative for you to evaluate, Price Checker POS-D, we can also advise you without obligation, we handle a complete portfolio of equipment for points of sale that adapt to the different needs of the market and that allow us to affirm that we are aligned with your purpose, to make your company achieve success!