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Implementing a Point of Sale in your business requires several POS equipment to carry out your operations, but the size of your spaces and the type of product or service you offer also enter into the equation. That's why, in this post, we're going to explore a little more about the POS equipment that every business should have.

Receipt printers:

Issuing receipts is important for managing your taxes and internal controls, so a reliable printer is a must. You may already have a multifunction printer at home, but the benefits of a thermal receipt printer should not be ignored. Their robustness, speed and the fact that they don't require ink make them the most ideal printers for issuing customer receipts.

If you have a lot of products, you need to organize them for easier identification. In this case a label printer would be a suitable addition to your business.

In case you need to issue information for internal controls, it is better to have another type of printer, since thermal receipt printers issue receipts that lose readability over time.

Barcode scanners:

When your business manages a store with many products, such as mini supermarkets, clothing stores or retail in general; they are indispensable tools, since they prevent you from having to type prices manually, or make identification errors.

They can be desktop scanners, which are fixed in the checkout area and are ideal for scanning multiple products quickly. They can also be wired or wireless handheld scanners, which due to their flexibility, allow you to identify barcodes at different distances and positions.

Cash drawers:

They should be the first investment to consider. They are indispensable tools that allow you to safely manage cash in and out.


The most basic ones work manually with a special key, but electronic cash drawers also have the option of connecting them to a POS terminal, so that it opens automatically when you make a purchase, minimizing human errors that could occur when handling cash.

All-in-one POS systems:

An all in one POS system functions as the brain behind all your POS equipment. You can use a computer or tablet that you already have, but it is recommended that you purchase a POS system specifically for this task. An all in one POS system, is a computer with an integrated CPU. It is prepared to withstand heavy use and can be connected to all the pos equipment we have already mentioned, making the control of your business more centralized.

There are many other types of equipment that will bring other types of benefits to your business, but the ones we have mentioned are essential for every point of sale, and therefore, should never be missing in a business that is ready for the demands of tomorrow.

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